Bitumen roll sheet, bitumen membrane roof sheet

Machinery of producing bitumen membrane sheet is made below items:

  1. Simple
  2. Dual layer
  3. Single layer
  4. Aluminum coated

Input of the machine is tissue, polyester and aluminum sheet and primer material (made by mixing) or blown asphalt. During the process of the raw material will convert to bitumen roll sheet and the finish product is 10 meters of membrane sheet.

Specification of the production line:

The main specification of the machine is simplified of work and it is important items that reduce failure of machine since complicated production line has too much failure during production and every time needed spare part.

  • Dimention: L:35 meter, W: 1.6meter and maximum height are 5meter.
  • It is made from the nut and screw and easy to install and dismantle. So, replace of spare parts are too easy.
  • Motors and gearboxes also bearings and other parts of the machine is high quality and output.
  • Rollers of transferring the bitumen roll sheets are industrial seamless pipe. It is well polished and adjusted with double flange to take the high pressure on.
  • Length of cooling water is 11meter to cool down the membrane sheet at the pool.
  • The capacity of the elevator is 30 meters and while it is getting full production line will not stop.
  • Procedure of rolling and cutting is automatic.
  • Polymer pad is dual layer and it is preventing from quick cooling. It is possible to connect to boiler too.

Procedure of producing bitumen roof sheet

Depend on type of the bitumen sheet (single or twin later) tissue and polyester distributing to bitumen pads. Then it smears with blown bitumen. Thickness of the roll sheet distinguished by output nuzzles and in the upper level of bitumen pad allocated. After that aluminium layer will smear to the material and then stick and transfer to water pool/after passing the waterfall during the rolling will become cool and eliminate on the back side, then come to an elevator. The elevator is supporting to reserve the roll sheet in length and by fin fan blowing to make the roll sheet keep dry.

All procedure is automatic.

Sealing of building material till 40 years before being traditional with asphalt and gunny and bitumen, but after the creation of roll sheet step by step replaced two old types. Today’s most of the building starting from the foundation and isolation to services and roofs preparing by the bitumen roll sheet.

All isolation is supposed to prevent leak of water. It is a powerful product that by heating of back side sticking to the surface. Shelf time of roll sheet is 10 years.

Bitumen waterproofing roll sheet category:

  1. Roll sheet with polymer and bitumen 60/70.

It is very high quality and compare to making the roll sheet with blown bitumen has higher quality.

Material of making roll sheet polymers:

  1. Bitumen 60/70
  2. Polyester
  3. Tissue
  4. Aluminium 14~16 micron.
  5. Plastic of back side.
  6. Talcum powder
  7. APP
  8. Gunny
  9. Roll sheet with blown bitumen (mazut).

By heating mazut the hydrocarbon will vapor and remain is something like bitumen since softening point is between 60~70.

Material of making bitumen roll sheet by blown bitumen(Mazut):

  1. Blown bitumen
  2. Polyester
  3. Tissue
  4. Aluminium liner 14~16 micron
  5. Plastic sheet of back side.
  6. Talcum powder

Part list of bitumen membrane roll machine is consist of :

  1. Mixer of making primer
  2. Elevator
  3. Bitumen pump
  4. Water pump
  5. Conveyer
  6. Oil boiler
  7. Air conditioning system.
  8. Reactor of converting bitumen to blown bitumen.
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