About Us

It is my great pleasure to introduce Eagle Petrochem Company as below:

since it commenced operations in 2005, the principal activity at the Eagle Petrochem company the manufacture of Gilsonite (Natural Asphalt) Standing out into the corporate vision of being  Eagle Petrochem has been successfully meeting the energy demands of the many customers for more than a decade.

Throughout its history, Eagle Petrochem has expanded its providing and capitalized on natural gas, petroleum products, Oils, Minerals and right now into Agricultural. we achieved of the leading pioneers in the marketing area.

Today Eagle Petrochem business interests overlap the entire hydrocarbon value chain from refining, pipeline transportation, and marketing of petroleum products to petrochemicals, with approximately 20 people serving clients in more than 70 countries. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions.

Eagle Petrochem has ventured into alternative energy and globalization of downstream operations. With markets in more than 70 countries, Eagle Petrochem is scouting for new business opportunities within the energy markets across Asia and Africa. It's additionally formed about 10 joint ventures with reputed business abroad partners abroad to pursue diverse business interests.

As the company develops innovative new ways in which to satisfy the country’s growing demand for fuel, it’s searching for exceptional individuals. People that area unit curious, passionate and excited to explore the concepts and technology which will form the future. Within late 2005, Eagle Petrochem pulverize factory construction and accommodation for its employees and their families.

Today the corporate has grown along with the workforce and meeting its customer’s demand


• Trust – is the bedrock of our existences

• Customer Satisfaction – is our intrinsic to our achievements

• Development of people – is our way to success

• Ethics – govern our actions

• Collaboration – is our daily inspirations

• Involvement – we pursue our organization goals

• Caring – creating a future for our children



Sustainability is one of our main goals and ensuring the future of our youngsters. we tend to at Eagle Petrochem are thoroughly aware of the potential threat and have the resources to develop key requirements to make sure a green future is contained.

Which is why, for each of our key sustainable development issues, we've got defined targets and indicators. Our priority is to enhance energy and operational efficiency, improve processes and technologies; thereby permitting us to minimize our impact on the environment and subsequently totally different stakeholders. Creating a healthy, safe and secure workplace has invariably been at the highest of our priority list and that we are constantly improving and exploring systems and practices towards achieving this goal.


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